Thursday, July 26, 2012

Natholi Thoran

Natholi Thoran

Fish (small pieces)
½ kg
Fenugreek powder
½ teaspoon
2 teaspoon
Kodam puli
6 small piece
2 tablespoon
Curry leaves
3 sprigs
2 cups

Things to ground:

2 small ones
1(1/2) cm
10 cloves
Green chillies
Grated coconut
3 cups (small tea cups)


Clean fish and remove its rib.  Soak kodampuli in 1 cup warm water for 2 minutes and tear into small pieces

Mix the coarsely ground coconut masala with fish and kodampuli taken out of the water . Arrange some curry leaves at the bottom of the vessel and put this coconut fish mixture over it. Put curry leaves on top too. Pour the water in which the kodampuli was soaked with  the remaining water. Sprinkle fenugreek powder.

Bring to boil rapidly. Pour oil  (coconut oil will be more tasty) over the curry and low the flame to a minimum heat and cook for 20 minutes. If the water does not dry up increase heat after 20 minutes. Take off the fire when the water dries up completely

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